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Fresh Squeezed

It's Fresh Squeezed, the new Juice Verrone novel by Bonnie Biafore and James Ewing, and the first title offered by Slow Toast Press. We're really excited to be involved with this well-written and hilarious book featuring a public utility in desperate financial straits, a local troop of NASCAR-addled, bass-fishing rednecks with odd literary aspirations, and a vegetarian commune, which, in its dedication to the well-being of plants, is tossing more than lettuce into its salad bar. Toss in an over-worked police chief, a forensic accountant and a former Mafia enforcer hiding out as a guest of the Federal Witness Security program and you've got a story sure to please.

Available everywhere in print and eBook formats.

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Welcome to the Golden Age of Reading! Everything's changing in the world of publishing right now. More and more new and established authors are venturing into the world of self-publishing. But self-publishing is more than just Amazon, ePub, and Lulu. It's also the question of how a self-published author can create the best possible product for his or her readers and how that product is brought to both new and traditional markets.

Enter Slow Toast Press. With our unique insight into the ins and outs of the new publishing paradigm we are positioned to provide you the resources to make sure you create the best possible work of words and the best possible product for the market place.

If you're an author looking to bring a book to market, talk with us. We'll lay out what you need to do and how you can quickly get to the point where your book is available everywhere, now.

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