It's your book.


It used to be so easy. Write a book, get an agent, find a publisher, and then walk into a bookstore and see yourself on the new releases table. The big, fat advance check was already in your hands. Then came the pesky internet and all of that - read all of that - went right out the window. Publishers want established authors with proven sales, they want authors who will work constantly for an ever-decreasing slice of the pie. We started Slow Toast Press with one fundamental precept: It's your pie.

Who we are

We're authors and editors. When publishing our book, we looked at the traditional model of publishing and realized that, even if everything worked out perfectly, we wouldn't see the book in print for years. It would be years after that before any kind of revenue stream generated royalties in excess of what would most likely be a pittance of an advance. There would be no guarantee that the book would even be published. Then, when the planets aligned and the book did get released we'd still have to do most of the marketing; all for the smallest cut of the income. We hate doing all the work and having most of the money go to someone else.

How we think

Plain and simple: It's your book. Our job is to help you make it the best book it can possibly be. What's the downside? It's going to cost you some money. You will have your book professionally edited. You will have a cover done by a graphics pro. It's going to cost more money than if you sign on with a traditional publisher, but you won't have to give them the lion's share of the income. And, you start making money right away.

We take a little upfront money to get you set up, less than the cost of your ISBNs and barcodes. Then we're in it with you. We make money when you make money through our unique reverse royalty plan. Remember, it's your book, most of the money should be yours too.

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